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deals with my interest in the whole aspect of urns and vessels, from ancian Greece and 17th to 19th century. For this project, my aim is directed at the dramatic and theatrical personality original from the 17th century throughout the 19th century found in architecture, art, design, and music. This early stages of the project, I was able to explore the bidimensional silhouette of classical vases and urns illustrated in prints. I also start investigating how to hand building natural shapes of the flora in clay. My aim, as the flowers in nature, is to attract the viewer into this intricate shapes, and forms that resonate in my work.

Reflecting on the inflorescence process of a flower and the before and after effect of this ephemeral and unique time span, I started to investigate form upon the known structure, seeking even deeper in the complexity of the flower construction itself. Looking towards patterns found in the microscopical pollens and studying its textures and formats. This broader notion of nature and a natural model is interesting me towards a new investigation of the inflorescence project. Check the progress. 

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